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Incline Public House Review

August 13, 2013

Price Hill. Not exactly the pinnacle of neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Crime has been rising, and there’s not a lot of reason to visit, other than some amazing views of the city and the very good Prima Vista. Enter the Incline Public House ( Named after the Cincinnati incline that traveled to Price Hill long ago, the Incline Public House sits in the same spot as the Price Hill House that opened in the late 1800’s and closed in the 1930’s. Boasting a view that is arguably better than even Mt. Adams provides, an expansive deck, several taps of local and national craft beers, and a kitchen that has both a smoker and a brick oven, I had to check this place out.

Being one of the hot spots in the Cincinnati lately, I’d been waiting for a weeknight where both myself and my wife were able to get home at a reasonable time (which means we’ve been trying for two months, basically, to line up our schedules) to miss the large weekend crowds. Thinking we had outsmarted the masses, we headed to Price Hill on a Thursday evening. It was definitely hard to find parking, as the Public House is next door to Prima Vista, and shares a parking lot with a set of condos that share the same view. Once parked, you can’t help but be amazed at the view while walking to the entrance. Once our eyes diverted from the expansive view of Cincinnati’s amazing skyline, we were a bit discouraged to see that the place was PACKED. So much for outsmarting the masses. We went to the hostess stand, and a friendly hostess took our names and pictures (to easily find us…good idea) and put us on the list. An hour and 20 minute wait was a little crazy, so we hovered near the bar and made “friends” with a couple of people getting ready to leave so we were able to hang out at the bar for a beer. I went with a Stone 10, which is their tenth anniversary release of an IPA. My wife went with the local Mad Tree Gnarly Brown.

Cincinnati-20130801-00432          Covington-20130801-00433

The bartender was friendly, as were the other people at the bar, and before we knew it we were seated out on the patio. It’s a HUGE “wow factor”…a million dollar view. I can’t say I even really cared what the food tasted like at that point, to be honest. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, even with a pretty big crowd. The large windows and expansive deck made the Public House seem big and open. Looking over the menu, we ordered a couple of appetizers to start. I chose the Lamb Burger Sliders (with arugula, goat cheese, and cherry bourbon chutney) and my wife selected the Spicy Pickle Fries (small fry-like cuts of pickles, fried…and yes, that is weird for either of us. Must have been the beer ordering that one). The sliders were really good…the lamb went so well with the goat cheese and chutney. I’d highly recommend. The pickles were good, but definitely a bit much. As someone that doesn’t eat much fried food, I found them a bit heavy.

IMG-20130801-00427           IMG-20130801-00428

For dinner, we ordered the Margherita Pizza (roasted garlic olive oil, tomato, mozzarella, basil, and added prosciutto) and the Black and Blue Salad (blackened strip steak, mixed greens, bleu cheese, crispy onion, and horseradish vinaigrette). Both were very good. The pizza crust was very tasty, and highly benefitted from being cooked in a brick oven. The salad was also good, and the vinaigrette was unique and went very well with the steak and bleu cheese.

Cincinnati-20130801-00429         Cincinnati-20130801-00430

Overall, I’d highly recommend The Incline Public House. Nice bar, good food, great atmosphere, and an amazing view make for a very enjoyable evening. Don’t let the neighborhood scare you, its area is clean, safe, and full of energy with a friendly crowd of young, old, singles, and families.

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